Features :
  • System provide necessary sterilization support in laboratory
  • Comes with optimum load diversity and load volume handling
  • Provides fast cooling with optional waste treatment and drying options
  • Meets the complete sterilization requirements including of instruments, glassware, liquids, culture media, pipette tips, contaminated media, biological waste
  • Also suitable for agar preparation processes
  • Neoprene rubber based gasket support
  • Pressure vessel, external walls, lid, basket provided in stainless steel sheet finish
  • Comes with accessory support comprising low water level cut off device, digital timer, pressure control switch, vacuum breaker  
Applications :  
  • Used in chemical reactions in pharma & chemical industry
  • Used for pre-disposal treatment and sterilization of waste material
  • Use for sterilizing instruments, glassware and plastic ware Suitable for use in laboratories and research institutes